Child Relocation in Nevada

When parents share custody of children but one parent wants to move with the children, the other parent has a right to object to the proposed move. In order for relocation to be granted, the co-parent needs to agree to the relocation or you need to seek approval from the Court.

Below are some of the factors the Court uses in Relocation cases:

  • Is there a sensible, good-faith reason for the move
  • Are the best interests of the child served by allowing the relocating parent to relocate with the child
  • Will the move benefit both the child and the relocating parent
  • The move is not intended to deprive the non-relocating parent of their time with the child
  • Whether the other parent will be able to maintain a meaningful relationship with the child if the relocation is granted

While relocation cases are difficult, the goal is always to serve the best interest of children and the to keep both parents involved in their children’s lives to the greatest extent possible.

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See NRS 125C.0065  NRS 125C.007