1. Talk to an Attorney. The first step to prepare for a divorce is to talk to an experienced divorce lawyer. Asking questions and getting as much information as you can from a qualified family law attorney will help you understand your options when considering divorce.
  2. Consider What’s the Best for your child. If you have children involved in your divorce, tread lightly. It’s important to discuss with your spouse when and how you’ll tell your children together because how a divorce is handled by the parents can have a lasting impact on a child.
  3. Be Financially Prepared. If you are thinking of divorce it is important to understand your financial situation ( assets, debts, retirement, and household bills) and you should consider setting aside money to prepare for unexpected expenses or family emergencies that occur during the process.
  4. Do NOT change the bills, passwords, or beneficiaries on any insurance policies. When the divorce is filed, the Court issues protective orders, known as Joint Preliminary Injunction (JPIs) to ensure that parties are maintaining the status quo and not making changes in preparation for the divorce.
  5. Set money aside. You should set aside money especially if you have less control over the finances, because your spouse may try to remove your access to accounts or credit. If you have concerns about your spouse taking valuables from your home, such as jewelry or important documents, you should keep those assets in a safety deposit box or have someone else who you trust hold onto them for you. You cannot sell or transfer these items in preparation for divorce but you may remove them for safekeeping.

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