Importance of Mediation in Family Disputes

Mediation can be used to resolve matters involving family members and other legal matters. Your family circumstances are individual. It is important to agree on the aspects of family life that most important to you, and not always covered in the court process. Family mediation allows you to choose the topics for discussion and the decisions to be reached. Mediators in family law cases help resolve issues that involve divorce, separation, alimony, child visitation, child support and decision making for minor children and property division. It offers a safe, neutral and confidential environment in which to be heard and understood. Mediation gives people the opportunity to leave behind their current struggles and commit to move forward and work towards a beneficial resolution.  This is an important outcome if there are children in the family involve.  

Family law mediation can play in an important role in the resolution of a variety of disputes. These include:

  • Child custody arrangements
  • Child support payments
  • Separation and divorce
  • Alimony
  • Family property disputes

What Does the Mediator Do?

  • Discuss what your options might be and what might work best for the future
  • Helps families where a relationship has broken down to reach an agreement about the future.
  • Make sure you both have a chance to speak and be heard
  • Provide any information needed to help your discussions
  • Ensure decisions are made jointly, are fair for both of you and for any children involved.

Jacovino Law can help you make plans for the future and to decide together what arrangements will work best for you and your family without having go to court. We can help clients as either their counsel at mediation or can serve as neutral mediator for the process if where do not represent either side. We provide professional  mediation services designed around your specific circumstances and needs. We will guide you through the process and work to help you achieve your objectives and will work toward the outcome that is truly in the best interests. Contact us at (702) 776-7179 or schedule a consultation online at