Divorce settlement

Two spouses’ reaching a mutual understanding is by far the quickest way to legally end a marriage. In this case, both spouses agree on terms that concern their children, assets, finances, and debts.

When a couple agrees on the divorce terms, they may file for a uncontested divorce called a Joint Petition. A party can also reach an agreement regarding the Divorce terms after the case has been filed. This is called a Stipulated Decree of Divorce.

 Joint Petitions proceed through the system more quickly, they are less complicated, and less of a financial burden to the parties. No court appearances are needed. Both parties both must detail their specific agreements on certain issues before the court grants the divorce. These issues include:

Child custody: When parents cooperate, they may choose to follow a parental agreement of their own design as long as it is in the child’s best interest. Agreeing on child custody will significantly expedite the divorce process in court. Joint Legal Custody and Joint Physical Custody are the normal preferences in Nevada unless there is a reason for another determination.

Child support: Child support helps the child by ensuring a child’s financial needs are met. A parent’s financial obligations to the child does not end with the divorce. Child support is a statutory or rule  based formula that is a percentage of the parents income.

Division of community property: Nevada is a community property state meaning, that most assets and debts acquired by a couple during a marriage should be shared by the parties upon separation. Spouses can come to a mutual understanding as to who receives what property or debt and can list out the specific assets  or debts that each person will keep.

Alimony or Spousal Support: There is no exact numeric formula for spousal support in Nevada. As such the Court uses numerous, case specific factors to determine if support is warranted and how long the support will be provided.

The above areas are some of the main terms of a divorce but parties can basically agree to for any legal terms to be included in their divorce. If you are considering a divorce, getting an experienced lawyer will help you clarify the issues and achieve the outcome you desire in your case. Our office will help when you need sound advice to move forward with your life confidently. Filing for divorce can be scary and unsettling.  Before taking legal action, it is best to learn and understand your legal rights and the divorce process in general. If you have any questions or would like our help please contact us at (702) 776-7179 or schedule a consultation online at https://jacovinolaw.com/schedule-a-consultation/.