A contested divorce is when the divorcing spouses cannot agree on all the terms of the divorce and request that the judge makes the final decision. The typical steps of a contested divorce are:

  • You or your spouse file a complaint about divorce which is served on, or delivered to, the other spouse.
  • After receiving a response or answer to the divorce complaint a case management conference is scheduled by the court.
  • The court will enter a case management order.
  • If the parties have children they will be required to attend mediation to attempt to reach a parenting agreement.
  • The parties will begin the discovery process and prepare for trial.


Uncontested divorces are available to couples who are able to agree on the terms of the divorce. Uncontested divorces in Nevada are typically called Joint Petitions. Joint Petitions proceed through the system more quickly, they are less complicated, and less of a financial burden. No court appearances are needed. Having an attorney draft your divorce paperwork will ensure that your rights are protected and the necessary legal terms are included in your agreement. Some of the terms may include:

  • The division of marital assets and debts;
  • Spousal support awards; and
  • Child-related aspects of the divorce, including child support, custody arrangements, visitation, and parenting plans.

Those who opt for an uncontested divorce will need to include these details in their agreement before a court can grant them a divorce. Uncontested divorces are generally best suited for parties who are able to agree to the terms and want a low conflict process.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is a process in which parents work together, with the assistance of a neutral third person, the mediator, to develop an agreement that is beneficial to their children. Mediation offers advantages: The process is faster, driven by an agreement made by the parties, it is less contentious which is helpful for divorcing couples who will share custody of children.

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