A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that eliminates most unsecured debt, including credit card debt, without requiring repayment. It’s the quickest, simplest, and most common type of Bankruptcy. Once you have successfully completed your Bankruptcy, most of your unsecured creditors can no longer try to collect on the debts. To determine your eligibility for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you must not have had a prior successful Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the last 8 years. In addition, the Bankruptcy Court uses incomes levels and the means test to determine eligibility. The means test compares the monthly income and expenses of the household of the person filing for Bankruptcy against the median household in Nevada. If the individual’s income when considering the expenses, is lower than the median, typically, the individual will be able to file for Chapter 7.

What debts cannot be discharged under Chapter 7

Not all forms of unsecured debt can be discharged under Chapter 7. There are several forms of debt that are not dischargeable under state and federal law. Some common types of non-dischargeable debts include:

  • Child support obligations
  • Alimony obligations
  • Most student loans
  • Most tax debts
  • Most court ordered penalties, fines or fees ordered in a criminal case.

During Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you continue to pay your secured debt. For example you should continue pay the monthly payments on your home, vehicle and cell phone and you should also continue to pay rent and current utilities.

Common debts that are discharged under Chapter 7

The list of items that can be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy include:

  • Credit card debt
  • Medical bills
  • Personal loans
  • most other forms of unsecured debt.

If you are considering bankruptcy, our experience and dedication can help guide you to the best legal outcome for your situation. There are several ways that our bankruptcy lawyers can help. First, we examine your debts to see if a Chapter 7 filing is in your best interests and discuss other alternatives besides Bankruptcy. We can help you structure your Bankruptcy in a way that represents your best interests. At Jacovino Law, we pride ourselves on offering clients personalized and comprehensive Bankruptcy services that are effective and compassionate. Contact us at (702) 776-7179 or schedule a consultation online at