Annulment is a legal ruling declaring the marriage null and void as the marriage was not legally valid. To be eligible for an Annulment in Nevada, you must have been married in the state or you or your spouse have resided in Nevada at least six weeks prior to filing. There are limited grounds for an Annulment in Nevada. A marriage may be annulled if:

  • Either spouse entered into the marriage under false pretenses or because of fraud
  • One or both spouses were not mentally competent and/or not able to understand the decision to marry
  • One or both spouses were married to someone else at the time of your marriage
  • For any cause which is a ground for annulling or declaring void a contract in a court of equity
  • One or both spouses was underage and/or did not receive required parental consent to the marriage

If you met the above conditions you can file for an Annulment in Nevada.  If you are concerned that the court won’t grant an Annulment, then you may consider requesting Annulment as part of a Complaint About Divorce. This way, if the court doesn’t grant an annulment, then you can proceed with the Divorce instead of the annulment.

Representation by an attorney will ensure that the Annulment process is followed and that you are presenting the best arguments to have your marriage annulled. At Jacovino Law we discuss the difference between a Divorce, Legal Separation, and Annulment and if your case is likely to succeed as an Annulment or if a Divorce will be needed. If you have any questions or would like our help please contact us at (702) 776-7179 or schedule a consultation online at .